Wonderful, Polish and inspiring SE-MA-FOR experience!

Poland was WOW!
I had the privilege to spend three weeks at stop-motion production company SE-MA-FOR, observing and learning from some of the best stop-motion artists in Europe and worldwide!
For the ones who still don’t know it, SE-MA-FOR is that prestigious Polish animation company behind the creation of some of the most inspiring animated short films ever made, such as “Peter and the Wolf” (2006, and Academy Award winner in 2008), “Danny Boy” (2010), “The Lost Town of Switez” (2011) and many more!

Furthermore, over the years many illustrious directors have worked under SE-MA-FOR’s roof, like Marek Skrobecki, Suzie Templeton, Brothers QuayKrzysztof Brzozowski…

If you want to learn more about SE-MA-FOR and its animated masterpieces, here is the official website: http://www.se-ma-for.com/

Some of the original puppets from “Peter and the Wolf” (2006).

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